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After a long week filled of joking with my husband that we should journal our adventures, I decided to take my shot at it! My intentions for this blog are a mix of travel guides and wedding planning guidance. I'm hoping to set aside to separate spaces for each of these topics to have space to grow on their own... once I figure out how to.

What's gotten you inspired?

While on our trip to the Redwoods, my husband commented that the other tourists were going to think that he was some famous Instagrammer or local celebrity with the number of pictures I was taking. I joked back that I had secretly been working on creating a travel blog that he didn't know about. We then started bantering about funny blog names.... "Wait, Look That Way", "Just Another Profile Picture", "I Swear, My Wife Was There Too", and many more, but I oddly kind of liked "Their Travels, Her Lens",

Our Top 5 Favorite Trips, Yet:

  1. Vancouver to Banff (Honeymoon, 2019)

  2. Europe Galavanting (2015)

  3. Prague and Paris (2017)

  4. Colorado (2014)

  5. Road Trip to The 'Villes (2020)

I'll use this space to document the many places we've seen, cover the highlights and share the tips we've learned throughout our 9 years of adventuring together. I'm not hoping to gain any real traction, or gather an audience. This is mostly a space for me to just archive the places I've been, and to have a space to reflect on our life's journeys. Down the road, I'll work on the wedding planning aspect of the blog. Once I get the hang of this whole process. Thanks for joining me as I try something new.

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