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a beautiful start to a lifelong love letter

Being trusted with the job of photographing a couple's wedding is an honor I never take lightly. The joining of two individuals to one union, two paths becoming one, is one of life's most cherished thresholds to cross. It's a day many of us dreamt of throughout our lives, an experience unlike any other. These are the moments we look back on, celebrate and reference as we grow through our lives. These are the memories we leave behind for our loved ones, the photographic proof of the lives we lived, and those we loved.

I enjoy getting to know my couples throughout the process from initial meeting to the delivery of your gallery. I like to hear your stories, what brought you together and the life you picture ahead for yourselves. I love learning about your pets, your travels, your unique quirks and the families you come from. I genuinely enjoy people, and that's what makes this more than just a job for me.  
I love love. I love people in love. I love people loving other people. I wholeheartedly support marriage across the spectrum of love.

Below are images I've captured throughout the years for myself and for friends companies I've had the distinct pleasure of working with.

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